In an increasingly digital world, digital is the primary means of connection and access to essential services.

The tools to get online and digital skills are crucial for economic resilience and growth, providing a gateway to jobs, progression, social inclusion and cohesion. For many, access to the online world has helped them keep in touch with people, reducing loneliness and isolation and gives them the tools to improve their life chances.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital connectivity, however those without digital access or skills are being left behind. The issues are not just motivation and digital skills but access to devices and connectivity.

The City of Wolverhampton is committed to being a digitally inclusive city, therefore is working with partners to develop a number of approaches to support Wolverhampton residents to get online and improve their digital skills.

It is crucial all residents can benefit by ensuring they have the devices and connectivity to get online and improve their life chances. The City of Wolverhampton is committed to digital inclusion. It is fundamental, not a ‘nice to have’, and vital to ‘levelling up’ – that is why we have ensured that digital is an integral part of our Relighting Our City recovery commitment.

  • Do you have all 5 basic digital skills?

    • Managing information: using a search engine to look for information, finding a website visited before or downloading or saving a photo found online.

      Communicating: sending a personal message via email or online messaging service or carefully making comments and sharing information online.

      Transacting: buying items or services from a website or buying and installing apps on a device.

      Problem solving: verifying sources of information online or solving a problem with a device or digital service using online help.

      Creating: completing online application forms including personal details or creating something new from existing online images, music or video.