Digital infrastructure

Small Cell Agreements

West Midlands Combined Authority secured DCMS funding for an Urban Connected Communities 5G programme to support the rollout of 5G infrastructure. The City of Wolverhampton council worked closely with WM5G to remove barriers to the rollout by providing access to their assets, facilitating Mobile Network Operators to upgrade existing masts to enable coverage and invest in new 5G infrastructure including small cell technology for capacity to facilitate the rollout. The council has demonstrated the potential for 5G through testbeds and application accelerators that develop new applications and services using 5G to demonstrate the financial case for investment, contribution to innovation and growth and service efficiencies. Finally, the council has explored innovative uses of 5G in the delivery of services working with partners.

As part of the process the council worked with various industry stakeholders to produce a standard set of rental agreements for use of public assets. The council recognised that rental agreement negotiations are very time consuming and could be costly for both parties. In order to significantly reduce this time and therefore encourage roll outs they have standardised the process as much as is possible. This includes a standard small cell agreement, the draft document can be used by legal representatives of mobile network operators and their site providers throughout the UK. This can be found here:

The use of these documents is voluntary. They can be adapted and are intended to provide a recognised neutral starting point for discussions, promoting common understandings of key issues for discussion.

Connectivity in Wolverhampton

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Most of Wolverhampton can currently get superfast and ultrafast speeds check current connectivity in your area.

The rollout of full fibre broadband is underway across Wolverhampton which will ensure that future demands for faster internet speeds are met allowing for video on demand and the greater use of IOT devices.

With faster broadband speeds, residents will be able to enjoy better internet for working from home, accessing and interacting with services, leisure, entertainment and ongoing improvements will soon revolutionise daily life through adoption of smart technologies.

Build Partners Resource Programme - CityFibre

In summer 2020 CityFibre launched a pioneering recruitment and training programme. The goal: to help fill up to 10,000 network construction jobs within CityFibre’s growing pool of build partners. Find out more...

Rollout of Full Fibre Broadband

The rollout of full fibre broadband is underway across Wolverhampton will ensure that future demands for connectivity arising from internet traffic growth, video on demand and the explosion of IOT devices with wider economic and service delivery benefits. To ensure residents get the benefit from Gigabit connections, this will involve an intense period of development on the network to pave the way for digital future. Residents affected will receive notice by post 7 days before. If you encounter any issues during the build, please contact CityFibre’s 24/7 helpline on 0800 083 6160.

Residents who haven’t yet gained access to full fibre broadband can express an interest in developing their local area’s connectivity by speaking to providers including:

Readying Wolverhampton for a 5G connected future

Wolverhampton 5G toolkit

Readying Wolverhampton for a 5G connected future

A digital toolkit to provide information, resources and guidance for businesses, local enterprise, telecoms providers, residents, builders and developers.

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